Who We Are

Regenerating Communities is a company whose aim is to support charities/organisations who are working to offer a fair chance or second opportunity to any one deemed “at risk” or “in need”.

Regenerating Communities is directed by Keith Slater. Keith is

  • Director of Regenerating Communities Ltd
  • Director and Trustee of Community Boost CIC
  • Chair of Governing Body of Tudor Grange Academy Worcester
  • Trustee of Community Action Wyre Forest
  • Trustee of KO Community Projects CIC

Keith has had over 40 years’ experience, much of it at a senior level, in education and community based organisations. Keith has worked in local authorities; charities; voluntary organisations and the independent sector and in all instances has been able to generate considerable funds for the organisations whilst at the same time ensuring that the organisation has moved into new but related areas of work. Keith has a vast range of both budget and project management experience and has spoken regularly at local, national and international events. Keith has specialised in the management of high profile events which has, on three occasions, involved the organisation of visits by members of the Royal family to community organisations.


Keith’s achievements are at the core of Regenerating Communities:

  • • Has consistently been able to generate/draw down funding – not unknown for this to exceed £1million for a single organisation
  • • All of this funding has been in the education, voluntary or community sectors
  • • Has helped organisations become stronger and move forward by helping them to identify new markets/partners
  • • Has totally re-thought and then implemented new marketing strategies and ideas into different organisations to help them survive financially
  • • Has worked comfortably with both small and large organisations
  • • Has organised several high profile events; both one-off and linked events over a one month period
  • • Has been Chief/Lead Officer of a large community-based organisation.
  • • Has always ensured that his work will benefit “at risk” or vulnerable people.
  • • Has established partnership- working as a matter of normality and a principle of good practice
  • • Is a confident speaker and has spoken at local, regional, national and international events.
  • • Helps organisations diversify their budgets
  • • Is able to plan, co-ordinate and implement an array of strategies – either individually or as part of a team
  • • Has lead staff teams on exciting and innovative journeys
  • • Has the skills to take an area of an organisation and analyse both its strengths and its needs as well as monitoring and evaluating its overall impact

At Regenerating Communities we work hard to ensure that the local community benefit from our work. We have an impeccable record in hitting deadlines, and we believe in making people laugh and enjoy themselves at work.